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Ravelli Pellet and Log Stoves

The combination of modern stylish design and advanced technology ensure that Ecoteck stoves surpass the toughest environmental standards while maintaining the quality of an Italian made product.

 Air Line


Pellet stoves were created as a form of ecological, economic heating designed to combine the visual comfort of the burning flame with the convenience of an automatic, electronically managed system. Their installation within the home does not require large-scale restoration works: in this way the pellet stove can easily be used as the main heating source and as an additional solution together with other systems.

Link:Full Air Range

Milena pellet stove
Flow Line  


Ducted stoves have a system of pipes that convey the hot air to other rooms in the house adjacent to the one in which the stove is installed, thus obtaining a more uniform circulation of the heat inside the home. In the most modern stoves you can choose the amount of air to allocate to heating the room in which the stove is installed (front air) and the quantity of air to be allocated to ducting (rear air).

Link: Full flow line

Snella pellet stove
Box Line  

The Box Line  functioning principle is the same as the traditional fireplace, except that it is a closed fireplace fitted with a wide glass door that allows the flame to be seen well. The advantage is the capacity to minimise any heat loss, allowing greater efficiency and lower emissions of polluting gases. The inserts are easy to install in already-existing fireplaces increasing their yield as much as 3 or 4 times and making full use of space

Link: Full box line

 Sara inset pellet stove
Hydro Line  


Boiler Stoves  act in three ways: they produce hot water for radiators domestic hot water, they use the heat of the stove body that passes into the room by radiation. Ravelli boiler stoves can heat homes up to 250 square meters, and are equipped with 25 kg to 45kg fuel tanks to allow maximum independence with efficiency of over 90%.The burning fire also creates a pleasant atmosphere and a more intimate, relaxing domestic setting.

Link: Full boiler line 

 Hr 200 pellet boiler stove

Log Stoves 

For centuries families have been meeting around the hearth, an expression of unity and the home nucleus. In winter evenings children used to ask their mothers or grandmothers to tell them a story and they used to listen carefully to tales about fairies and the sons of kings. Years later, the magic of the fireplace has returned: the retro charm of wood-burning stoves has been rediscovered and adapted to the most modern technologies, becoming a furnishing accessory that is also suitable for the most modern settings.

Link: Full wood line

 Vera log stove
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