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Building Energy Rating

What are the benefits of a B.E.R ?

A BER makes the energy performance of a home visible to prospective buyers and tenants and enables them to take energy performance into consideration in their next house purchase or rental decision.
Ber Cert
Ratings For Typical Homes

Note costings where based on Energy Prices 2008

Heating your home efficiently involves looking at how you use it, where and when you need heat throughout the day, and how you can make it more cost efficient and comfortable. Central heating in most homes is either radiators or under floor heating, but there is a wide range of options for fireplaces and stoves. By doing your research you'll be able to make an informed decision for your home.
Although traditional fireplaces create a lovely ambiance in a room, they don't tend to provide a lot of efficient heat 20 to 25% (the rest is up the chimney). To upgrade your fireplace, consider putting in a Log cassette insert fire or a stove. You'll still have a nice flame, but you will double the heat output and cut down on the cost of fuel and reduce your CO2 emissions.

Grants are available from the :SEAI Grants
The main goal behind the scheme is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and Ireland's overall reliance on fossil fuels. The scheme wants to encourage people to tap into resources of renewable energy, such as the sun, wind, geothermal and biomass sources (woods, energy crops, etc).

Energy Saving tips

Turn the thermostat down by 1°C to around 20°C, which should be comfortable enough.
  • Good insulation and draft proofing makes all the difference. Check attics,walls,doors.

  • Close all curtains at night and open them during the day,so rooms can be heated by natural sunlight.

  • Zoned heating controls (living space/bedrooms/hot water).

  • Use energy saving bulbs (CFLs)

  • Insulation and Sealing Air Leaks

Checking your home's insulation is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to reduce energy waste and making the most of yourEuro. A good insulating system includes a combination of products and construction techniques that protect a home from outside cold temperatures, protect it against air leaks, and control moisture. You can increase the comfort of your home while reducing your heating needs by investing in proper insulation and sealing air leaks.

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